Photo: Dayang Nurfaizah @ Liang's Lil Secret Video Shoot

Is she hawt or what? LOL! Standing in front of the fan like that? :) These photo was released in Dayang Nurfaizah FaceBook Fan Page recently. They were taken on the location of the video shoot for Liang feat. Dayang Nurfaizah Lil Secret in a gym in SS2. We heard that the video shoot was got really hot and steamy because the owner of the gym had turned off the most of air-con in the gym. I am sure that place reeked of sweat smell and testosterone by the time everything was over. That's not a way to treat your guests la...LOL! Anyway, check out Dayang Nurfaizah's brass knuckles hanging down her neck? Fierce eh? Dayang told me that she played the manager of a boxer which is played by Liang for the video. Amboi....Dah jadi Mentor, now manager plak. Hebat nih! And that also explain why Dayang was in the men's locker room...Heheh! Incidently I also met with Liang when I attended a Charity Walkathon where Liang was MC-ing last Sunday. Liang told me that he is quite please with the video shoot even though it ended like 5am in the morning! He added that we shall be able to see the finish product in about a month s time. (Insert excite squeal here!) The making of the video will be aired on Astro We will keep you posted on this one. Click HERE to find out how you can download LIL SECRET. Lil Secret is a single taken from Liang album called Rigga Dang Digga Digga. The song also has been used extensively in Project Alpha - TV series that highlights some local bloggers. Have a listen here...

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