I was excited when I heard that Dayang Nurfaizah was going to perform LIVE at Suria FM Rancak Tour, for not only one but two days in a row! First in Kajang and then, Shah Alam. So, on last Saturday, Alyn, Nizan and I made a journey to Land of Satay, Kajang to watch her perform her latest song - Sayang, first time live ever! We saw Mawi having his teh tarik session at Hameed's in Plaza Metro Kajang. Obviously he wasn't too happy being "paparazzi-ed" LOL! The security guard also caught in the fan frenzy. :) A very young fan. The theme for the tour was "Back to School". As you can see here, all the Suria FM Deejays were dressed in pinafores and school uniform. There were silly games in between shows and "baling T-shirt" competition among the artistes! The performing artistes were given T-shirt to be thrown to the audience. I was praying that the T-shirt didn't land right smack on my camera like it did on someone's face. The poor girl was standing right next to me. Phew! We were expecting Dayang to don her "baju sekolah" but she turned op with this... Can you imagine Dayang in her baju kurung and ponytails? Anyway, she performed two songs in Kajang - Kau Pergi Jua and Sayang. AWESOME! We didn't get to meet Dayang in person after the show as she was rushing for a private event somewhere else. Anyway, we would still have the next day to see her. After Dayang, Ameng of Spring and later, SOFAZ entertained the audience. Mawi finally took the stage...with a so-so cover of Yassin's Rindu Padamu. Mawi later performed a love theme song from MAGIKA with Diana Dannielle. A trip to Kajang is not complete without having a bite at the famous Satay Kajang! This is how they do it.... Yum! Yum! One the next day, three of us met again at Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam for the Rancak Tour. The stars line -up was slightly different. Marsha and Farawahida made their appearances. Ameng was also there with his man-boobs. :P Diana Danielle attempted Complicated (a not so complicated song by Avril Lavigne) but she messed it up big time - pointing the mic to the audience during the difficult parts and forgetting the lyrics. :( And then, Dayang saved the day with her fantastic pipes. She belted two numbers Hilang and Sayang. It was weird watching Dayang singing duet alone. LOL! Her latest song, Sayang features Marcell as her duet partner. Anyway, Dayang got her fans to sing "Sayang" with her after bribing them with souvenir Suria FM T-shirts. Kidding! Alyn, Nizan and me rush to meet Dayang after her show. Judd also turned up. It was ages since I saw this fler. Nice meeting you again! By that time, Mawi and Diana Danielle were on stage again. We couldn't be bothered. LOL! Here are some pics of Dayang exclusively for you. :) I am posting Dayang's latest single here. It's a duet with Indonesian heart throb, Marcell. I couldn't decide to post the Kajang or the Shah Alam performance. So, I ended up with a mix of the two. ENJOY! Part 2 of this post will feature performances from Mawi, Diana Danielle and Sofaz with superb acoustic versions of "Bukan Di Sini" and "Janjiku". CLICK HERE FOR PART 2

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