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With the longest open-air concert and 4 indoor performances by Malaysian music industry icons, Raistar is confident that it is setting new standards for premier and premium events that will excite the Malay entertainment calendar for the year. Still fresh from the success of Harmoni Cinta Rossa concert last October, Raistar Entertainment is not only stepping up its role as a heavyweight contender in the entertainment production landscape but it is also making inroads into talent management business with 18 sign-ups in less than 2 months representing personalities from the entertainment, beauty, sports and culture sectors. The talents that include those from Malaysia and Indonesia outline the agency's plans to play at a regional level. According to Mr Fahmi Rais, Managing Director of Raistar Media Pte Ltd, "The ramp up of Raistar is attributed to an increase in audience appetite for quality shows, external opportunities and internal resources. Raistar has been around since 1997 and we have that many years of pioneering events and shows to give us the credibility to expand and be a market leader. The Malay community in Singapore may be small but our potential to go beyond is big." The planning of the 5 mega concerts for the year will see Raistar investing no less than half a million dollars as each concert is estimated to cost over $100,000 to produce and promote. It is by far, the highest amount of investment Raistar is committing since its establishment. In total, more than 20,000 people are expected to attend the concerts that will be organized throughout the year. MediaCorp Suria is the Supporting TV Station for the Malaysian Legends and Icons 2012 concerts series with and as the Official Media Online. This press conference is sponsored by Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore HIGHLIGHTS Superstars & Legends Established in November 2011, Superstars & Legends (S&L) is the talent platform, promotions and profiling arm of Raistar. With 18 talents under its management and more signing up, S&L now offers the most number of Malay personalities. As of 31 Jan 2012, S&L represents the following artistes/bands: Local Bands/Group Merah The Sallys Rocket Viruss Cinta Sundae Wiz-Glare Arus Local Solo Nana Karia Shahridzuan Nazihah Syazwanah Foreign Bands/Group Salammusik (Malaysia) Kichi Band (Indonesia) Foreign Solo Zainal Abidin (Malaysia) Local Culture Paman Iskandar Muda (Pendekar Temasek) Local Beauty Dewi Kazz SimplySue Local Sports Aide Iskandar MUZIK FM MUZIK FM (Muzik Festival Melayu) is the longest open-air concert ever and the first Malay music festival to be staged at the rooftop garden of Marina Barrage. First mooted by S.Ria Productions, this 8-hour concert event is organized by Superstars & Legends, with favourite stars that include KOTAK and KICHI BAND from Indonesia, SOFAZR, ONE NATION EMCEES, DAYANG NURFAIZAH and AMANDA IMANI from Malaysia, MERAH, VIRUSS CINTA, SUNDAE, ROCKET, ARUS, THE SALLYS, NAZIHAH, NANA KARIA, SHAHRIDZUAN, SYAZWANAH and more from Singapore. Title: MUZIK FM Date: Saturday, 18 February 2012 Time: 1.30pm to 10.30pm Where: Rooftop Garden, Marina Barrage Tickets: $35 (buy 5 get 1 free / buy 10 get 2 free + delivery) The programme for MUZIK FM is as follows: 2pm 4.30pm : Open Competition This is an open competition for solo and group/band for 15 finalists selected from more than 50 online submissions of music videos from November 2011 to January 2012. The overall champion stands to get $1,500 cash + talent grooming contract from Superstars & Legends + a single with Universal Music Malaysia. 5pm 7pm : Superstars Showcase This is a dedicated performance time for more than 10 local talents under Superstars & Legends. 7.30pm 10.30pm : Festival Concert The climax of Muzik FM, this night concert celebrates Malay regional music and features more than half a dozen established artistes representing Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. MUZIK FM is supported by key major labels Universal Music (Malaysia), Warner Music and Suria Records (both from Indonesia). The event is also supported by Raistar Entertainment, CMX International, Mai Al-Baghdadi, and Dapur Penyet. Tickets at only $35 each are now on sale at Muzika Record and MCC Makan Place. Prayer break and space will be provided on site. ALLEYCATS Kicking off the Malaysian Legends and Icons 2012 concerts series is Alleycats, probably the most well-known and longest surviving band in the Malay entertainment music scene. Now for the first time in Singapore since 43 years of their establishment, Alleycats will be performing their own full 2-hour concert with the best selection from their over 40 all-time hits. Title: ALLEYCATS : ISTIMEWA BUAT SINGAPURA Date: Saturday, 14 Apr 2012 Time: 8pm to 10pm Where: Concert Hall, Esplanade Tickets: $188, $148, $118, $88, $68 ( Counting 4 generations of fans in both Singapore and Malaysia, the group is still going strong with their last concert performance at Istana Budaya in September 2011. With Singapore-born M.Nasir behind the many evergreen songs of Alleycats, such as Hingga Akhir Nanti, Andainya Aku Pergi Dulu, Sekuntum Mawar Merah Sebuah Puisi, Senyumlah Kuala Lumpur, Setahun Sudah Berlalu, Nota Terakhir and countless more hits that are still being regularly played on-air today, there is no doubt that Alleycats has played a major role in the development of Malay music industry. With more than 27 album launches, this legendary and only resident band under Universal Music Malaysia is still on the prowl, with Dato David Arumugam as lead vocalist and iconic figure. And who can forget their signature ending: "Terrrrima kasihhhh!" ZAINAL ABIDIN Multi-talented singer, songwriter, composer and musician Zainal Abidin is one of the most recognizable icons in the Malaysian music industry. A class of his own, Zainal's is renowned locally and internationally for his dynamic musical style that is both unique and original. His constant message in promoting love for humanity and the environment is notably significant that he became the only artiste known as the Green Man and Malaysia's only universal and World Music artiste. Title: ZAINAL ABIDIN : HIJAU 30TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT Date: Friday, 8 June 2012 Time: 8:30pm to 10:30pm Where: Concert Hall, Esplanade Tickets: $188, $148, $118, $88, $68 ( Zainal Abidin Bin Mohamed, born 4 Nov 1959, founded 'Headwind', a popular rock group in the 80s. After his days with the band, Zainal toured the country and the world with his dynamic vocals and high-energy performances that made him a household name in the Afro-Asian genre that is uniquely his. His highly acclaimed international concerts include among others, Womad @Yokohama and Japan Tour (both in 1992), Shirataka Music Festival (1993) and Midem-Cannes Music Festival (1995). True to form, in all of his live performances Zainal's sterling showmanship on stage has led to overwhelming responses from the audience and brought accolades from the media. It is no surprise that many regard Zainal Abidin as the best concert artiste Malaysia has to offer. "Zainal Abidin 30th Hijau Anniversary Concert" is a tribute to his achievement, decades of music career and international successes. In the pipeline for the Second Half of 2012 Raistar Entertainment has also lined up 2 other mega indoor concerts to be held between October and December this year. 3 Suara comprising the collaborative unique voices of Ning Baizura, Jaclyn Victor and Shila Hamzah has been chosen as another premier and premium concert in the Malaysian Legends & Icons series. A tremendous hit in Malaysia and recently came in second in Anugerah Juara Lagu 2012, 3 Suara was originally initiated as a concept album that revisits the 'Zaman Gemilang' of Malay music. The genre of this album is pop and many of its tracks were inspired by great female singers of the 80's and 90's such as Noorkumalasari, Francessca Peters, Zaiton Sameon and many more. The finale for the year is a tribute-styled concert for one of the greatest composers of our time. For this special, Raistar will give its Lifetime Achievement Award. The last time this award was given was in 1998 to local legendary dramatists Jorah Ahmad and the late Zulkassim Daud. About RAISTAR Since 1997, the RAISTAR brand has been known among the community and industry as the pioneer in entertainment productions. With its first successful show 'Malam Pecah Perut' staged in 1998 at the then World Trade Centre, Raistar has been organizing numerous hi-teas, concerts and stage performances. In recent years, the company raised its profile by producing it's own media print and online brand Selebriti. Its Selebriti-celebration Glamor 2010 event at Fairmont Ballroom hosted the launch of the Singapore Malay Artistes Association. In addition, the 15-year old event planner and producer has also been the creative power behind several televised documentaries and telemovies. Last year, Raistar organized 'Harmoni Cinta Rossa', the first concert extravaganza in Singapore's Esplanade by Indonesia's international icon Rossa. Its big plans for 2012 include the longest open-air concert in Malay entertainment history and a series of Malaysia Legends & Icons concerts. Raistar is helmed by Fahmi Rais, a broadcasting and communications veteran, and PR practitioner-turned-entertainment events producer Sulaimah Abdul Kadir. Tags: Konsert Click on the following buttons to share this article with your friends: Anda ada gossip & gambar terbaru selebriti untuk dikongsi? 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